I discover my passion for photography some 10 years ago, when I purchase my first Digital SLR camera.
Working as a semi-professional photographer, I concentrate my attention on photographic lighting which makes

images perfectly clear and sharp. 

Creative minds and strong work ethic helps me produce top-quality photographs. 
However, what truly drives me is the fact that photography is my passion and always connected to fun. :)

• Sport, Action Photography 
• Portraits (Head-Shots, Artistic, Glamour)
• Interior & Exterior.
• Product, Still Life

• Event & Weddings

• Video & editing

                                                                       Digital art, Photo / Video editing and retouching - is the creative force behind my photography. 

                                                                        "There are always two people in every picture - the photographer and the viewer." 
                                                                         I try always to put myself in the mind of the Person in front of my Lenses and think,

                                                                         what will they see when they look at this image?

                                                                         I am always careful not to alter the image to such a degree as to make it lose its natural beauty and quality.